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These general terms and conditions form an important part of the lease agreement. By signing the agreement, the customers agree that they have become familiar with the trade terms.

  1. The general terms and conditions comply with valid legal regulations of the Czech Republic, especially Commercial and Civil Code.
  2. User rights and obligations:
    • the user is authorised to use the vehicle during the agreed time stated in the lease agreement.
    • the user is obliged to return the vehicle on the stated due term and place given in the lease agreement. Not returning the vehicle on the due term stated in the contract means unauthorized possession and therefore, in this case, the user shall cover any possible damage caused.
    • there is the possibility that the user can agree on a prolonged and extended time of the lease agreement before the original agreement is due to expire (the announcement must be made min. 24 hours before the expiry). Extended lease agreement is valid only with the agreement of the Car Rental company at which the vehicle has been rented from.
  3. The user is obliged:
    • to protect the vehicle from any damage, lost or destruction
    • to announce every car accident, during which has been caused any injury or material damage, to the Police of the Czech Republic at the place of accident. This obligation also applies to cases of damage, lost or theft of the vehicle part and its equipment, as well as the lost and theft of the whole vehicle. If the user shall not keep the obligation, the user is then  responsible for any damaged caused.
    • to announce instantly all the car accidents to the car rental as well as the damages or theft of the vehicle.
    • to return the vehicle completely clean and with a refilled tank ( by the term „completely clean vehicle“ is meant a vehicle which does not show any visible marks of stains or damage, both from the inside and outside too)
  4. The user is not permitted:
    • to overload the vehicle
    • to adjust the interior and exterior of the vehicle, and also, without the permission of the Car Rental company, must not equip the vehicle with a radiostation, aerial, draft device, hands free etc.
    • to smoke in the vehicle ( the user will be fined 1.200Kč + 21% VAT)
    • to drive the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or narcotics
    • to pass on the driving the vehicle to the third person who is not stated in the lease agreement as another driver
    • to use the car in competitions, races or trial rides, to provide towing services or use the vehicle for transportation of people for a charge, for example taxi services.
  5. Maintenance and repair:
    • the user is obliged:
      • to take care of the vehicle and make sure there is no disproportionate damage of the vehicle or its devices made
      • to check regularly the technical state of the vehicle and if neccessary, provide the vehicle for maintenance and removal of deficiencies found
      • to provide the vehicle for planned maintenance, check-up or inspection within the specified time in the lease agreement if it is not agreed otherwise
    • the price for renting a vehicle includes repair expenses and routine maintenance apart from fuel consumption, refill of windscreen washer fluid and car wash expenses within the rental period
      • the vehicle provided to the user will have a full tank, and in return, the user is obliged to give back the vehicle also with a full tank., otherwise, the user shall be charged for the missing amount of fuel.
      • the user is obliged to pay for the parking tickets during the rental period
    • in case of any fault or defect of the vehicle, the user shall agree with the Car Rental company on further steps ( ensuring repairs, providing a spare car etc.) The same applies, if the vehicle is unroadworthy due to a car accident. In both cases, the user is responsible for ensuring  proper security of the vehicle  
    • in case of excessive impurity inside the car which does not correspond to common use, the Car Rental company shall charge the user a special fee of 2420Kč (2000Kč + 21% VAT). If a damage of interior is made, the Car Rental company is then authorized to charge the user the full amount of costs associated with repairing the vehicle
    • in case of losing the keys or vehicle documents, the Car Rental company shall charge the user a penalty fee in the amount of:
      • 1210 CZK for losing documents  (1000CZK + 21% VAT)
      • 4840 CZK for losing the vehicle keys (4000CZK + 21% VAT)
  6. Insurance:
    • legal liability: all vehicles are insured from legal liability against damages caused by operation (so called. Insurance against damage caused to the third party). Such insurance applies to liability for damages caused by operation of motor vehicle across the Czech Republic and Europe ( apart from Russia, Ukraine and Turkey)
    • accident car insurance: such insurance is valid only across the Czech Republic and Europe (apart from Russia, Ukraine and Turkey) against damage and theft of the vehicle or its part, with the user complicity on the damage  in the amount of up to 10%, however, it must be at least 10 000CZK. The user is responsible for the damage caused on the rented vehicle up to the full amount of the difference between the compensation of insurance company and the real costs of the Car Rental company. These costs might also include, apart from the own repair costs, a cost of towing service provided, storage of the vehicle and trading losses of the car Rental Company caused by towing the vehicle away.
    • the car insurance does not apply to transported people and luggage
    • according to applicable legislation of the Czech Republic, the insurance does not apply to damages caused by drinking alcohol or using narcotics, before or during driving
  7. The user confirms by his signature in the lease agreement that he:
    • became acquainted with the valid price list and these terms and conditions which he agrees to comply
    • took over a vehicle eligible for regular use, fully equipped and with all the documents needed
  8. The Car Rental company is authorised to withdraw from closing the lease agreement without any notice, if the user shall disobey the terms and conditions of such agreement and also enforce compensation from damages caused
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